BioImaging-GR is a distributed research infrastructure for open-access, high-end biological imaging providing a range of imaging methods to scientists in Greece and neighboring countries.

BioImaging-GR is a distributed RI, with a central coordinating Hub, serving as a single point of entry to the national infrastructure, and distributed partner Nodes that provide access to high-end Bioimaging instrumentation and services in a coordinated and harmonized manner, by pursuing the following 3 main objectives:
High resolution Image of a skul
1. Expand existing and establish new BioImaging facilities:
such as next-generation fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy (both TEM and SEM), PET, Micro-CT, fMRI, intravital imaging, microfluidics, ratiometric imaging, super-resolution microscopy and others.
High resolution Image of a skeleton
2. Provide training and imaging services to the research community and industrial users
in Greece and neighboring countries using cutting-edge BioImaging technologies.
High resolution Image from image processing
3. Enhance the research and innovation potential of the Greek biomedical research community
by networking and coordinating existing facilities, which operate at different centers, towards maximum complementarity and minimum redundancy.
High resolution Image of a cube