BIOIMAGING.GR management structure:

The governance structure of BioImaging-GR comprises the Steering Committee, which is the strategy body and meets twice per year, chaired by the Coordinator of the Infrastructure. It oversees the strategic, technological and scientific development of BioImaging-GR. Both the Hub (IMBB-FORTH) and each institution hosting Node activities are represented with one delegate in the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee facilitates communication between Nodes and the Hub, and relies on the support of the Infrastructure’s Management office (Research Executive Manager and one Research Assistant) to implement the plan of activities of the infrastructure, manage the distribution of resources and produce the necessary financial and scientific reports. The Steering Committee is advised by an independent External Advisory Board, which oversees the quality of the BioImaging-GR activities, its connection with the corresponding EU Infrastructure and the evaluation process of new and existing BioImaging-GR Nodes. BioImaging-GR Nodes and Hub take on defined roles as described in the proposal. The BioImaging-GR Hub furthermore guarantees the compliance with quality standards for all services of the national infrastructure and ensures the seamless integration into the pan-European Euro-BioImaging infrastructure.

  • The Coordinator (CO)
  • Scientific Committee (SC)
  • The Management Office (MO Hub) (FORTH - HCMR)
  • The Node Leaders (NL)
  • The Foreign Advisory Committee (EAB)