Joint Research Activities

JRA1: Development, implementation and comparison of innovative microscopy techniques of ultra-high resolution for achieving discreet nanometer capacity - Nanobiology (IMBB-FORTH, IMBB-BE-FORTH, DUTH)

JRA2: Application of high performance super-analytical electron microscopy for cellular and interstitial imaging (UoC, UOA, IMBB-FORTH)

JRA3: Application of Sensitive Imaging Methods for the Study of Cellular Mechanisms in Relation to Molecular Interactions (IMBB-FORTH, DUTH, EKEFE-Fleming, EIP, IIBEAA, UOP, UoC, UOA)

JRA4: Implementation of innovative installations for imaging living cells with the aim of studying cellular behavior within a functional system (IMBB-FORTH, IESL-FORTH, PC, UOP, DUTH, EKEFE-Fleming, EIP, EUOA)

JRA5: Application of innovative technologies for in vivo imaging for the study of cellular and animal models of embryonic development, animal behavior and human pathology in close collaboration with EF IMBB-FORTH,IESL-FORTH,UoC, IBEAA,DUTH, EKEFE-Fleming, EIP)

JRA6: Development and implementation of three-dimensional (3D) and tomography imaging methods (IESL-FORTH, IBEAA, DUTH, EKEFE-Fleming, HCMR, BSRC-Fleming, NCSR-Demokritos, UoC

JRA7: New devices and tools for imaging the molecular bases of human diseases (in living cells and experimental animals) in close collaboration with EY EATRIS-GR

JRA8: Application of innovative and more effective custom-made fluorescent trackers to improve imaging applications (NHRF, NCSR-Democritus)

JRA9: Development of innovative instruments and methods for quantitative imaging and the creation of high-performance imaging biological processes and protocols

JRA10: Imaging control tests, medium to high content, for the discovery of innovative drugs (IMBB-FORTH, IESL-FORTH, NHRF, NCSR-Demokritos, BSRC-Fleming, UoC, EIP)

JRA12: Development and testing of innovative sample carriers suitable for SPIM microscopy (IESL-FORTH, DUTH, BSRC-Fleming)

JRA13: Completion of facilities and infrastructure

JRA14: Implementation of high-performance innovation by order of Digital Image Processing and Data Analysis Tools (IMBB-ITE, IESL-FORTH, UOP, BSRC-Fleming, EIP, UOA, IIBEAA, UoC)

JRA15 : Gathering information, innovative account management, data collection and storage, in close collaboration with EV ELIXIR (IMBB-FORTH in a central role and all partners)