Imaris Smart Lunches Virtual Week – 19th – 21st October 2021

It our pleasure to announce that the Fleming BioImaging Facility is co-organising an Imaris Smart Lunches Virtual Week – 19th – 21st October 2021 ( ).

The event consists of

3 slots at lunch time for live analysis of selected participant's images
2hs participant training using Imaris virtual machines that will be provided by IMARIS.

Please note that the deadline for registration is 10th of October!!!!

If you cannot attend at the scheduled dates and times, please make sure to register so that you still receive access to all the recordings and digital materials. Also, please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues that may be interested.

You can download and use for FREE our new Imaris Viewer.

13th of September, 2021 - Workshop in "Advanced Functional Imaging"


13th of September, 2021 - Workshop  in "Advanced Functional Imaging"

Virtual meeting on “ Advanced functional Imaging” on Monday 13th September.  A day full of exciting talks from imaging experts on Functional Imaging methodologies. Join us to learn about current advances in imaging and how to implement them in your research. No expert knowledge is necessary. Free registration is required at zoom link ( )