How to Access

Step 1: Search about the technology and the node you are interested in

Step 2: Submit a proposal using this Application Form

After you have decided of the node the technology and the service, fill in and submit the simple proposal form (see below for an overview). At this stage you need to log in. You may submit a proposal also without knowing which technology or Node you need, in which case will help you. If you know which Node to visit, we recommend contacting them before submitting a proposal.

Step3: Your proposal will be send to a scientific committee that will evaluate your proposal.


Once your proposal is accepted, then your proposal is sent to the selected node. Access Proposal form

  • Research project Title
  • Are you representing a private company or industry user? (If yes, you can write the words "industry user" in the fields where you do not wish to disclose details)
  • Name of your principal investigator(PI) or supervisor
  • Email address of the principal investigator or supervisor
  • Please provide a short CV
  • Scientific background of the project
  • Description of the work proposed to be conducted at the facility
  • Expected results
  • Importance of the project for your overall research
  • Are there biological hazards associated with the project?
  • Has your project already undergone an external review, e.g. as part of a funding proposal?

If yes, please provide details like funder, grant number, and outcome of the evaluation. This might allow us to skip scientific evaluation within

  • List of additional resources that may be required at the facility (select multiple if needed)
  • Expertise level in using the selected technology(ies)
  • Have you already communicated with the selected Node(s)
  • External reviewers you would like to exclude
  • Additional comments or remarks